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​June meetings:​

​​Outreach Committee:  Please contact Ashleigh Hawks for date. 6:00 p.m. 

Don't forget the service opportunity. StMt volunteers are needed May 15 at the Arkansas Food Bank 6-8 PM. 

Admin Council: Please check with a council member for date. 7:00 p.m.


Bible Study:

​Bible Study meets at 10:00 a.m. each Wednesday at the church.  Pastor Mohr is currently leading a study of the book of Jeremiah. 

Back-Up Children's Sunday School Teacher Needed 

​Due to health problems that cause her to be  absent some Sunday mornings, Ann  Linton would appreciate help with the children. Having a backup for when she is unable to attend would ensure that the children always have someone with them for prayer and a short Bible lesson, followed by fun crafts.  Let Ann know if you are interested.

Pastor's Office Hours

Just  a reminder: Pastor Mohr is in the office most every morning Tuesday through Friday.  Stop by at any time.  If  Pastor is not in the office, you can reach him by phone 501-697-5761 (cell).

Synodical Convention and Elections

The LCMS runs a three year convention cycle.  Last year we had various local meetings and conferences.  This year each of the 35 LCMS districts will hold their conventions. Next year will bring the national conventions. The Mid-South Convention will be held June 28-30, Memphis TN.  Craig Olsen has volunteered to accompany Pastor Mohr as the lay delegate. Conventions include presentations on various service organizations, elections of various officials and many, many motions to modify by-laws, approve changes to how the bureaucracy runs, etc.

If you wish to nominate a pastor as the Mid-South President or to the board of directors, tell pastor.  There are nomination forms in his office. For your information, pastor has no interest in holding any position.

Shut Ins

​Please remember our shut-ins: Jean Allen (home), & Juanita Blue (residing at Village Park of Conway).  Pray for them and visit them as you can. Jean Allen has a new phone number 501-245-1354. Orphans and widows have a special place in God's heart.  They should have a special place in your heart as well.


​www.stmatthewlutheranchurch.net webmaster is Janna Michaelis.  If you have any news or corrections for the website, please contact me through the church office or through the church directory.

Member Changes

Carolyn Foster entered into membership on Sunday, February 4. She moved down from Missouri last year and lives in Greenbrier near her daughter.  Please welcome Carolyn and introduce yourself if you have not yet had the opportunity.


Serving in the month of June:

Altar Service:

Debbie Barnes & Linda Horton

Ushers:  Bob Horton & Robert Linton

​Assisting Minister: Kim Schreyer


June 3: Rachel Mohr/Don Culwell

June 10: Caleb Mohr/Debbie Barnes

June 17: Rachel Mohr/David Reese

June 24: Caleb Mohr/Debbie Culwell

​​St. Matthew Lutheran Church-LCMS

​​​​News from the Fellowship Committee 

​The Second Sunday Fellowship Gatherings will be taking a vacation until September.  Thanks again to all who have participated by attending and providing food for the Fellowship.  We have been greatly pleased at the participation and have had an average of 30 staying for the lunches.  Again, we will continue in September with the lunches.​​


CAPCA's Food Pantry is always happy to receive donations.  If you are interested in donating, please contact Terri Kemper at 501-329-33891 ext 2133 or email terrikemper@capcainc.org

Backpack Program

The backpack program resumed September 20, 12:30 p.m. at Antioch Baptist Church located at 150 Amity  Road, Conway AR 72032.  There are two opportunities to help!  Use your hands to help assemble the goods for delivery to the schools...just go upstairs and look for the room with the friendly people and groceries.  They are friendly and assign you a spot in the assembly line. And/or register your Kroger card to support the Backpack Program if you physically lend a hand. Registering your Kroger card is an open opportunity to help all year!  Kroger cards have the option to send the Kroger rewards to charities once a quarter from Kroger.  The church office has a list of instructions on how to do this.  If you need assistance, ask Ashleigh Michaelis.  They are available to help after church some Sunday if you are interested.

Kitchen Supplies

​We need someone who can keep an eye on the kitchen supplies and either buy or order them when they run low.  We will obviously reimburse the costs if you buy it at Sam's Club or wherever.  If you are interested, let pastor know.

Church Cleaner

A cleaning person has been hired.  Our deepest thanks to Susan Stevenson for her years of service.