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​I am frequently suspicious of logic.  Logic, no matter how useful, has a bad track record when it comes to hurting people.  I have dozens of examples, but this is one of my favorites.  Back in the 1940​s and 1950s, nutritionists began to realize that eating salt increases your blood pressure.  At the same time, doctors began to realize that high blood pressure increases your chance of a heart attack or stroke.  The doctors and nutritionists used logic and decided that if salt increases blood pressure and blood pressure increases heart attacks, then everyone should reduce their salt intake.  Logical.  Guess what actually happened?  Low salt causes heart attacks. It turns out our bodies are much more complicated than the doctors and nutritionists understood.  They used logic but they did not have all the facts.  So logic, if you do not have all the facts, can only get you so far, and if misused can cause much damage.

​Predestination is probably the worst place in the church to use logic.  People do it all the time anyway.  Some people use logic this way.  They say if God picks people to be saved, then we do not need to tell anyone about Jesus.  God will take care of it.  WRONG.  God commands us to spread the gospel.  He tells us to pray for unbelievers.  Do not deny what God says just because you think it is not logical. 

Other people applying logic to predestination say, "If Jesus died for everyone, then everyone, no matter what they believe, will be in heaven."  WRONG.  God is quite clear.  Many, many people will up in hell.  Everyone who rejects, or never even heard about Jesus, will go there.  So go out and tell people about Jesus, and pray for the unbelievers, and forget logic.

​Finally, some people applying logic to predestination say, "if God chooses some people to be saved, then He must also choose other people to be damned."  WRONG. God only chooses people for salvation.  This is in the Bible.  Do not deny what the Bible says just because you decide it makes no sense to you.

​Does this mean that we should throw out logic? Of course not, but when it comes to predestination, we might now have all the facts.  Maybe we are like those doctors and nutritionists who did not understand the body very well.  They thought they were smart and logical, but they ended up doing a lot of damage.  I do not think God has given us all the facts about salvation but He has given you these facts:  you are saved, you have chosen.  You have also been given the task of praying for the unbelievers and for telling them about their savior.  Beyond that, leave the rest up to God.  And do not try to logic out salvation.  You will just end up like those old doctors and nutritionists, making a mess of the whole thing. 

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Pastor David Mohr

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​​St. Matthew Lutheran Church-LCMS