The Church year ended this week and another has begun this Sunday.  We begin another cycle through the life of Christ, through His death and resurrection and through our life in this world as we patiently wait our release from it.  That last sentence has a lot in it.  Here it is in a simpler way.  Christ, the almighty and eternal God, came into this world of time and sin and death.  He took on our flesh, lived the life of a human being.  He grew up, had parents, brothers and sisters.  He did this all for you.  Here is the amazing thing.  You had no idea that you needed Him to do all that for you.  He knew you needed it, so he did it for you.  He lived His human life.  He died on the cross.  He rose on the third day.  He ascended to fill the universe.  He will come again.  All this for you.

Thoughts from...

Pastor David Mohr


​​St. Matthew Lutheran Church-LCMS