​For you women, when you began dating or when you were married, how did your husband come to you?  Did he walk, drive a truck, come in a limo, take his car/  Looking back, does it matter anymore?  Or, perhaps, what matters are the years you have spent together since then, the kids you had and raised, the good times, the bad times.  Perhaps what matters most is not how your guy came to you but that he DID come for you.

​Jesus comes for you.  He came for you in the manger as a baby.  He came for you when He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  He came to you from a cross.  He came for you in the water of the font.  He comes to you in bread and wine.  He will come for you, riding on the clouds with legions of angels with Him.  Does it matter how He comes for you?  Doesn't it matter most that He does come?  From the moment you came to faith, you have been in a relationship with Jesus.  What matters most is not how the Holy spirit brought you to faith, what matters most are the years you have spent with your Lord, the years you will spend with Him, the good times, the bad times and the hope for future in the new earth.

​This month we celebrate the coming of Jesus as a baby in a manger two thousand years ago.  But in the back of your mind, as you clelbrate, remember, Jesus always comes for you in many, many ways because of His love for you. 


~ Pastor Mohr


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Pastor David Mohr

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