​​St. Matthew Lutheran Church-LCMS

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Pastor David Mohr

We are coming to the end of the Festival Season.  Several people have mentioned to me that they cannot believe it is summer so soon.  Just yesterday we were getting ready for Advent, decorating the Sanctuary, putting the pretty blue paraments on the altar and pulpit, setting up the tree and getting out the Christmas banners.  Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter have flown by.  We will get Pentecost, with its bright red paraments, here in a week, then Holy Trinity with its white paraments and suddenly we will be into that long stretch of green Sundays.

I like the seasons.  When we lived in Tucson, we did not have bold seasons.  The Southwest has them but they tend to run into each other:  the hot season, the hotter season and the wet and hot season.  Moving to North Carolina, then Indiana and now Arkansas, we have emjoyed each season.  They each have their distinct characters.  I particularly like spring and fall.  I am sure you have your own favorites.  The church seasons each have their own good points.  Who does not like the Christmas Eve candlelight service? Easter is always great, But Good Friday has its own wonderful solemnity.  Everyone likes the festival season...except it is a lot of work.  You just need to see it on the face of the women when I tell them they will need to change out the paraments three times in a week.  The color change is pretty, but people work to make that happen for the rest of us to enjoy.  Pastors feel the festival season exhaustion as well.  Most pastors go home from Easter service and take a nap.

This lets me talk about how wonderful the Season of the Church is.  Each season has its good qualities.  The Season of the Church lets us relax.  Every Sunday will be like the one before it and the one after it, but that has its own charm.  Some Christians, some denominations and quite a few congregations have a go-go Christianity.  They have this service and that, this activity, that get together. They have six differend Bible studies and seven groups.  I'e been in those churches.  They are a lot of fun, for a while.  Then it get exhausting.  Sometimes you just need a break, a time to relax.

As we go into the summer, remember, Jesus has already died for you.  He already rose for you.  Now you get the greatest gift of all.  You get to relax.  You get to live your life knowing that you no longer need to get things done to be saved.  You are saved.  You can relax, go to work, spend time with your family, take a nap, work on the yard, whatever you want and on the Last Day Jesus will come to take you to live with Him,  all without you lifting a finger to make that happen. Type your paragraph here.